During the last period of the academic year, period 4, we write our magnum opus of the Master’s program – the thesis!

Despite the fact that writing occurs in period 4, this does not mean that we have not worked on our thesis during the rest of the academic year. As a matter of fact, the Master’s program provides an excellent trajectory throughout the year, in which we think about and work on our thesis.

Starting in early October, lectures are held on a variety of topics in relation to the writing process. For example, we were informed about writing the thesis proposal and the thesis itself, and the methodology and do’s and don’ts in a thesis. From October to January, we met in groups with a supervisor to discuss our ideas for topics and our proposals. In January, the draft thesis proposal is due and a thesis supervisor is assigned to you personally. The deadline for the final thesis proposal is in March.

While we were encouraged to work on our thesis already during the capita selecta in period 3, there is ample time to write the thesis itself in period 4. We are given a lot of freedom in designing our thesis process and writing the thesis. I decided to arrange the interviews for my thesis in period 3, so that I could start doing the interviews at the beginning of period 4 already. Moreover, I agreed with my supervisor on specific progress meetings, chapter deadlines and feedback moments. However, other students and supervisors take a much more flexible approach and have meetings or hand in chapters whenever necessary.

I am thoroughly enjoying writing my thesis and look forward to sharing the final product with you via this blog!

– Maurits

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