Hi there!

The purpose of this blog is for you, fellow (or potential) applicant, to have a benchmark on the life of a master student in general, and the Law and Economics Program in particular. Thus, you will be more prepared (and aware) to the new challenge that you’re about to begin: as you’ll learn during the Program, information is key to an efficient market outcome.

For reaching that purpose, we have tried to cover every subject related to the masters program: from housing issues (first advice for you, internationals, do not underestimate the power of the housing market), to academic topics (how the program is divided, which are the courses, professors, how to address your concerns) and – of course – student life (where to study, eat, drink, among others).

Now, who are we? Essentially we are the class of 2018-2019 of the Law and Economics master program. To the most extent possible, the content of this blog will be produced (or contributed) by most of the students of the program.

Of course, as things don’t run by themselves (yet), the space is managed by four of us students: Annabel Kingma, Maurits De Munck, Riva Bagully-Hawley and Jorge Contreras. As you will further notice, we represent a demographic sample of the program and, why not, of Utrecht: half Dutch, half international. So we intend to assure that this diversity background is also reflected in this blog.