Graduation ceremony!

On Tuesday August 27, the long-awaited day had finally come: our graduation ceremony!

Since we as students have worked hard this academic year to obtain our Master’s degree in Law and Economics, we were all excited to receive our diploma on this warm (33 degrees Celsius!) day.
The graduation ceremony for the LLM track was held in the beautiful Academiegebouw of Utrecht University. Since this building dates from the 15th Century and played a key role in many historical events, it was very special to receive our LLM degree in this historical building.
Moreover, our parents, friends, significant others, teachers and thesis supervisors had come to attend the ceremony, which created the perfect setting to receive our diploma.

Mira Scholten, the director of the Master programme, held a great speech to open the ceremony. Afterwards, each student was individually called to the stage and addressed by his/her thesis supervisor, which included Thibault Schrepel, Jasper Sluijs, Jotte Mulder and Matteo Gargantini. The speeches by the supervisors were diverse, funny, entertaining and moving. After each speech, students signed their Master’s degree and were congratulated by the teachers and all other attendees. Mira closed the ceremony with some beautiful final remarks, and then it was time to celebrate with drinks!

I really enjoyed this academic year with all my fellow students, teachers, family and friends, and it definitely feels bittersweet to say goodbye to this Master programme. However, as pointed out by Mira, it’s not a goodbye, but a see you soon!

– Maurits

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