Future prospects


Now that our theses have been handed in and the academic year has come to an end, I thought it would be good to give a brief recap of the past few months and discuss the coming months as well.

All Law & Economics students spent the last block of the academic year working on their final project: their thesis. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my thesis, and I am sure (most of) my fellow students did as well, but I think all of us were glad when the summer holidays arrived. We spent the last two months relaxing, enjoying summer in the Netherlands and being on holiday abroad. In addition, we have been busy preparing our next steps. After all, since the Law & Economics Master’s degree forms the final academic step in most of our careers, we have to start thinking about what to do afterwards!

I myself have decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. Therefore, I will commence training at a law firm in Amsterdam in September. Consequently, I have been occupied with moving to Amsterdam and settling in a new house, city and environment. As for my fellow students, several of them have decided to follow a similar path. However, some are training to become a lawyer in the Netherlands or abroad, or in a private law firm or a government entity. Furthermore, some students have begun working in different positions in law firms, government entities and private entities. Most notably, some of my students have been offered positions in competition authorities in the Netherlands, the U.K. and several Latin-American countries!

Looking back at the last academic year, I can conclude that the Law & Economics Master programme provides us with an excellent substantive preparation for our future careers. Whether we decide to work in a law firm, government entity or any other sector, we are well prepared for the tasks at hand by the teachers and courses of the Master programme. Furthermore, we are given many opportunities to already interact with our future employers during the Master, which helps with choosing a career path. I am very happy that I decided to pursue this Master programme and although I will miss my teachers, courses and fellow students, I am very excited for my future steps and the future steps of the other students!

– Maurits

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